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Start your Salesforce Career 

Extensive and interactive, Administrative Essentials in Lightning Experience is the core training that ensures your success with Salesforce Lightning. It’s a must for new administrators, and we recommend completing this course before starting a Salesforce deployment or when taking over an existing deployment.


Salesforce Cloud Consultant

If you are looking to achieve a highly paid career as a Salesforce professional, Cloudone are here to deliver in-person Salesforce training in order for you to become a Salesforce Cloud Consultant.

A prerequisite of the Salesforce Cloud Consultant credential is the Salesforce Administrator Certification. (LINK TO PAGE).

Our training includes an on-site 5-day program followed by assigned Salesforce use-cases to build your knowledge and experience. You will then move on to a live Salesforce project to test your skills and build your expertise. Once you have sat and passed your Salesforce credential, we then continue to support your Salesforce journey with our weekly webinars, ongoing mentorship, CV review service, community platform, and Salesforce project management application.

At Cloudone we deliver expert, comprehensive, and in-person training to ensure you are ready to become a Salesforce Cloud Consultant. Consultants are able to design and implement Salesforce Sales Cloud solutions that can be maintained and grown to scale. These solutions should be designed to contribute to long-term Salesforce customer and user success.

The Salesforce Administrator Certificate is awarded to those who can demonstrate broad knowledge of customizing Salesforce and the ability to configure the platform and manage and support users.  You will learn how to make the most of the Salesforce ecosystem and its myriad of features and capabilities.

The Salesforce Cloud Consultant program is designed for those who wish to implement and manage Salesforce Cloud solutions in a customer oriented role. Aspiring consultants should have experience in Salesforce administration. A consultant designs and deploys Salesforce solutions that support and advent customer business and sales processes.

Becoming a Salesforce Cloud Consultant will allow you to develop a senior and professional career in the Salesforce ecosystem. It will allow you to progress your career with your existing employer or seek new opportunities in one of the highest in-demand technology skill ecosystems. All with the ongoing support of your expert tutors and mentors at Cloudone.

Course Content

  • CRM Overview

  • Salesforce overview

  • Sales and service cloud

  • Quote templates

  • Salesforce objects

  • Field types

  • Validation and workflow rules

  • Lightning components

  • Security controls

  • Profiles, Chatter, reports, and dashboards

  • Data management

  • User interface

  • Application lifecycles

In - Class Training


  • Hands On Experience

  • Work Experience

  • Case Studies

  • Use of Industry Tools (Jira, Office 365, Salesforce)

  • Certification

  • CV & Job Interview Prep

  • On - going Mentoring

  • Access to a community platform of experienced professionals

Virtual Training


  • Hands On Experience

  • Work Experience

  • Case Studies

  • Use of Industry Tools (Jira, Office 365, Salesforce)

  • Certification

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